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About Us

The WCIO (Workers Compensation Insurance Organizations) is a voluntary, not-for-profit association of organizations statutorily authorized, licensed in, and actively engaged in, as one of its current and active functions, the business of establishing rates, advisory rates, or advisory loss costs for the workers’ compensation insurance industry in at least one (1) state. The mission of the WCIO is to benefit the workers’ compensation insurance industry by enabling efficiencies related to the submission of standardized data and promoting DCO best practices. Data specifications are available for policy information, unit statistical reporting, experience modifications, detailed claim information, and individual case reports.

The Full Members of the WCIO are:

The Associate Members of the WCIO are:

The WCIO also has committees make recommendations to the WCIO Board for action, as appropriate. To learn more about the WCIO committees, you may view the committee charters.