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Injury Description Tables

Various workers’ compensation entities include the Part/Nature/Cause codes as part of their reporting standard. The Part/Nature/Cause codes are used to identify the part of body, nature of injury, and cause of loss when reporting workers’ compensation injuries.

This listing has been developed by the WCIO to serve as the official reference for the industry. It is a comprehensive list encompassing all numeric codes in use in any state. Individual jurisdictions may not use some of the codes shown, and/or may apply variations of the definitions shown for certain of the codes on this reference list. In most cases, state specific listings can also be found in DCO Statistical Plan Manuals.

The EDI Committee of the WCIO is responsible for administering and updating the list. Any request for modifications of this listing should be forwarded to the EDI Committee Chair using contact us.

Any inquiries regarding the Injury Description Table intellectual property should be forwarded to DAC Chair using contact us.